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Amazon's Fire phone coming to the UK as an O2 exclusive (-)
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Amazon's usually quick to stock its national sites with any new homegrown hardware, but we were reminded just how long Fire TV has been out in the States last week when the company announced its European launch. Today, we've learnt Amazon's other...

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Stephen Elop wants to put the 'entirety of the Microsoft experience' in your hands (-)
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"Our new CEO is taking us through a transformational phase," said Stephen Elop of Satya Nadella, Microsoft's recently crowned leader, to a rapt crowd at CTIA earlier today. In a talk given during an afternoon keynote session, Elop wanted to convey to...

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Philips, not Beats, announces first Lightning-equipped headphones (-)
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Back at WWDC, Apple announced a new spec for its Made For iPhone program: the ability to use a Lightning cable to connect headphones with iOS devices. With that in mind, and Apple's recent purchase of Beats, many (myself included) assumed that Dr....

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