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Apple's next big event is on October 16th, new iPad and Macs likely (-)
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It's only been a month since the world's press descended on the Flint Center for the Performing Arts to see Tim Cook reveal a pair of new iPhones, and Apple's already calling everyone back again. Invites to an October 16th event at the company's...

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Broadcasters want your phone to include a mix of online and old-school radio (-)
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You may think that radio is dying in an era when on-demand music streaming is nearly ubiquitous, but some of the world's biggest broadcasters (unsurprisingly) disagree. The BBC, Clear Channel, HD Radio's Ibiquity and a handful of others are...

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Engadget Daily: HTC's new action cam, Apple's iPad event and more! (-)
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It's true: HTC's new action cam looks a lot like a periscope made of PVC pipe. That's not all we have on deck though -- read on for our news highlights from the last 24 hours, including Apple's upcoming iPad event, a ping pong-playing robot and...

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Apple fashion push puts its Watch on the cover of Vogue China (+)
Engadget Daily: Amazon's first store, HTC's new selfie phone and more! (+)
Microsoft's Android Wear keyboard has you drawing every letter (+)
Engadget Daily: Facebook tackles anonymity, Vaio post-Sony, and more! (+)
Apple fines companies $50 million for leaks (+)
Old Navy's machine turns your selfies into giant balloon art (+)
Soldiers will soon steer iRobot's machines with an Android tablet (+)
Verizon's announcing its new Droid on October 28th (+)
Roku tries out screen mirroring from phones and PCs (+)
Apple's upcoming iPad event may take place on October 16th (+)
Withings makes some devices compatible with Apple's Health app (+)
Scientists want you to find cosmic rays using your phone's camera (+)
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