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Pretend you have Project Ara with this modular smartphone case (-)
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As awesome as Project Ara is, we've yet to hear a solid timeline nor pricing info for Google's ambitious modular smartphone. But we bring you good news: For those who lack patience and want to try the next best thing, you may want to consider the Nex...

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Livescribe 3 smartpen now sends your notes to Android devices (-)
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Making good on its promise back in January, the Livescribe 3 smartpen now works with Android devices. A preview version of the requisite app is now available for download, ready to equip devices running KitKat and newer versions of Google's mobile OS...

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Microsoft snaps up the technology behind the Surface Pro 3's pen (-)
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In love with the Surface pen? You're not the only one. Microsoft confirmed on its Surface blog this morning that it acquired the pen-sensing technology that helps power the Surface Pro 3 from the company that created it, Israeli tech outfit N-trig. I...

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Daily Roundup: Apple Watch review, Windows 10 and more! (+)
Control the 'GTA V' cellphone with an iPhone, Arduino and a hack (+)
Sling TV targets Latino viewers with latest channel bundles (+)
Microsoft pours money into undersea data cables (+)
Amazon's Echo wireless speaker gets voice-controlled Prime Stations (+)
MetroPCS shuts off its old phone network on June 21st (+)
Apple Watch hack puts a tiny browser on your wrist (+)
Carphone Warehouse's 'iD' mobile network launches tomorrow (+)
Imagination shrinks down its 'Raspberry Pi on steroids' (+)
Google delivers news headlines to your Apple Watch (+)
Japanese smartphone gets iris-scanning for mobile payments (+)
Microsoft ban for 'Gears of Wars' leakers only knocks them offline (+)
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