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Entangled photons on a chip could lead to super-fast computers (-)
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Photon entanglement is one of the odder properties of quantum physics, but it promises a lot for computing -- if one photon can instantly affect another no matter how far away it is, you could make super-speedy computers and communications that aren'...

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'Super Smash Bros.' 8-player mode just got a whole lot better (-)
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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U raised the stakes for local multiplayer with its 8-Player Smash mode, but gamers were limited to just a few stages for the frantic action. That's changing today as Nintendo is pushing out an update that adds 15 more stages...

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Marriott is no longer fighting for permission to block WiFi hotspots (-)
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Marriott wants you to know that it's completely done trying to block guests' personal WiFi connections -- it has even given up convincing the FCC to give it permission to do so, a spokesperson told Engadget. The company already announced that it won'...

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Engadget giveaway: win an iPhone 6 and 5TB of cloud storage courtesy of MediaFire! (+)
Sprint promo gives you an iPhone, an iPad and service for $100 a month (+)
Sony is reportedly cutting 1,000 jobs in its smartphone group (+)
Marvel pulls Sony and 'Spider-Man' into its Cinematic Universe (+)
Government warns US could fall behind in transportation tech (+)
Samsung looks for a boost as its smartphone sales keep slipping (+)
Daily Roundup: Apple outsells Samsung, Microsoft invests in Android and more! (+)
High-tech Japanese hotel to employ human-like robot staff (+)
Study says phones are just as good as wearables at tracking fitness (+)
Test for HIV in just 15 minutes with this $34 smartphone dongle (+)
How would you change NVIDIA's Shield? (+)
Apple still faces challenges in the fight for better working conditions (+)
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