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Android TV is Google's latest shot at entertainment glory (hands-on) (-)
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For Android, smartphones and tablets are only the beginning. Google believes that there are so many other categories of hardware that could benefit from its mobile OS, so it announced that it's building extensions of Android onto the TV, car and...

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Google Play for Education comes to student Chromebooks (-)
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If Google really is on a quest for global domination, as some folks loudly proclaim, then it's wisely starting its efforts in the classroom. In addition to attracting schools to its Chrome OS platform, via low-cost Chromebooks, it's now also offering...

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Future contraceptives will let women remote-control their fertility (-)
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Contraceptive implants are nothing new, but the current generation of progestogen-releasing devices need to be replaced every three years and have to be removed if you want to try for a baby. That may change soon, however, now that the Gates...

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Google will have sole control over the interfaces of Android Auto, Wear and TV (+)
ASUS is reportedly making the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch yet (+)
Hoptroff smartwatch uses analog dials to deliver real-time sports results (+)
Russian government dumps Intel and AMD in favor of homemade processors (+)
Sony's next flagship phone allegedly shown off with new body, same camera (+)
Get ready for Android Wear's first round of apps (+)
Microsoft hints that Windows Phone will soon let you put apps in folders (+)
Google strikes back at the big screen with Android TV (+)
Can't pay a bill or activate your phone on Verizon? It's not you, it's them (+)
Engadget Daily: Google I/O 2014, the deal with Android Wear and more! (+)
120 Sports brings its new online network to Android (+)
IRL: The Retina display MacBook Pro and Sony's SRS-BTX300 Bluetooth speaker (+)
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