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AMD's latest chips bring gaming and video chops to mainstream laptops (-)
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With AMD's new sixth-generation A-series processors, laptops in the $400 to $700 range could soon become far more capable. Formerly code-named "Carizzo," the new chips offer twice the gaming performance of Intel's Core i7, thanks to discrete Radeon g...

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Microsoft Research project uses drones to track emerging diseases (-)
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Mosquitoes are the worst -- but they could also be the key to giving us a heads up about emerging diseases before they become full-blown outbreaks. That's the focus of Microsoft Research's "Project Premonition," which aims to trap mosquitos and analy...

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Microsoft buys the company behind to-do app Wunderlist (-)
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Microsoft's quest to conquer the mobile productivity app world by acquiring it is still underway, it seems. A Wall Street Journal source claims that the folks in Redmond have bought 6Wunderkinder, better known as the creator of the to-do app Wunderli...

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Acer's smart diaper is the crappiest demo at Computex (+)
WSJ: Dish Network and T-Mobile are talking merger (+)
'Final Fantasy Tactics' hits Android (+)
Android's deviant identities (+)
Apple Pay is reportedly coming to the UK this summer (+)
Sony Music chief says Apple's streaming service arrives 'tomorrow' (+)
Live from Apple's WWDC 2015 keynote! (+)
Somebody's already making a movie about the Sony hack (+)
eBay's Apple Watch app puts auctions on your wrist (+)
Two states don't think Universal helped Apple stifle free music (+)
Sony pledges to be 30 percent 'greener' by 2020 (+)
Google Search on iOS picks up a new feature from Android (+)
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