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120 Sports brings its new online network to Android (-)
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Just as it promised, 120 Sports has now made its debut on Google's mobile platform. With today's Android arrival, this MLB-, Time Inc.-backed online network, which hopes to be the internet's ESPN, marks its first expansion outside of iOS and the web...

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Sony's next flagship phone allegedly shown off with new body, same camera (-)
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The jump from Sony's Xperia Z1 to the Xperia Z2 was relatively minor, so don't be surprised if this familiar-looking leak turns out to be legit. According to a Baidu Tieba post (which has since been deleted), we're looking at a prototype of Sony's...

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Future contraceptives will let women remote-control their fertility (-)
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Contraceptive implants are nothing new, but the current generation of progestogen-releasing devices need to be replaced every three years and have to be removed if you want to try for a baby. That may change soon, however, now that the Gates...

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Amazon UK rep says an Android version of its video app is 'imminent' (+)
IRL: The Retina display MacBook Pro and Sony's SRS-BTX300 Bluetooth speaker (+)
Get ready for Android Wear's first round of apps (+)
Android Wear Mini Launcher makes it easy to get to apps (+)
Twitch for Android now puts the biggest game streams front and center (+)
Apple 'iTime' patent details a modular smartwatch with sensors in the band (+)
Get a new look on the cheap with these customizable phones (+)
MIT's flying robot keeps moving photo subjects bathed in light (+)
Google Camera lends shutter control to Android Wear smartwatches (+)
New Zealand ISP admits its free VPN exists just so people can watch Netflix (+)
Could future Lumia handsets come with Canon lenses? (+)
Microsoft is testing a fix for Windows 8.1 upgrade woes (+)
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