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Apple stock steady prior to big products launch (-)
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Investors take wait-and-see attitude before anticipated announcement of a new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

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Baidu unveils a voice-activated, AI-based smartphone assistant (-)
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Chinese tech company Baidu announced at its Baidu World conference on Tuesday that it is launching a voice-activated assistant for its Android-based smartphones. The program is called "Duer", which roughly translates into "Du Secretary", is expecte...

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Microsoft is closing its Xbox Live Indie Games program (-)
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After nine years, Microsoft has decided to call time on its Xbox Live Indie Games service. In an email to developers, the company says it has begun "the sunsetting process" for the program, which encourages anyone without a studio or dedicated busi...

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All gas stations in Russia will have to install EV charging stations (+)
Verizon can't activate your Moto X Pure Edition just yet (+)
Apple delays the launch of watchOS 2 because of a bug (+)
Plex will bring its media streaming to Apple TV (+)
Visit your favorite video games with these vacation properties (pictures) (+)
More Sony 4K TVs will support HDR color this fall (+)
We talk about all the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and Apple TV announcements (+)
Solar system simulation makes sweet planetary music (+)
Intel's new research group to tackle cybersecurity in connected cars (+)
Watch PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show keynote right here! (+)
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pre-orders are live (+)
Apple patent victory puts Samsung devices in jeopardy (+)
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