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Apple Pay goes live in the UK: Here's how to use it (-)
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It's been a while coming, but Apple Pay is now live in the UK. If you own an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or an Apple Watch connected to an older iPhone, you now have the option of paying for purchases without cards or cash. But how do you set it up, where can ...

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Lexus' hoverboard 'is like floating on a cushion of air' (-)
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The Lexus hoverboard is real, folks. It's not computer-generated imagery you're looking at, and it's not smoke and mirrors. In fact, what looks a lot like smoke emanating from below the Japanese luxury brand's hoverboard is actually caused by the liq...

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Report: Apple and Samsung in talks to adopt e-SIM technology (-)
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The Financial Times reports that Samsung and Apple are both in talks with the GSMA, the mobile telecom telecom industry association, to begin employing electronic SIM cards in their mobile devices. Electronic SIMs (or e-SIMs) differ from their physic...

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Microsoft combines OneNote for iPhone and iPad, updates Android app too (+)
Apple Music faces scrutiny from the FTC (+)
Why the Apple Watch is flopping (+)
T-Mobile's latest family plan gives everyone 10GB of full-speed data (+)
Skype for Android takes the hassle out of signing back in (+)
Google Fiber joins the White House's low-income broadband efforts (+)
T-Mobile to pay $17.5 million over last year's 911 outage (+)
Microsoft has hit the ecosystem wall (+)
Microsoft killing its Photosynth 3D panorama apps (+)
Microsoft wants you to teach computers how to learn (+)
Android Wear reportedly getting watch-to-watch sharing features (+)
Apple Pay reportedly reaches the UK on July 14th (+)
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