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Scientists puzzled by 'bright spots' on surface of dwarf planet Ceres (-)
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As NASA's Dawn spacecraft approaches orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres, researchers aren't sure what's causing the "bright spots" on its surface. The imaging orbiter snapped the above picture from 29,000 miles (46,000 km) away just last week, but u...

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Google search results to show more mobile-friendly sites on phones (-)
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Google believes you'd want to see more mobile-friendly websites when you do searches on a phone or tablet. That's why on April 21st, it'll start giving online destinations with mobile versions higher placements on the results page, assuming you're al...

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YotaPhone 2 will come to the US via Indiegogo (-)
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The second generation of YotaPhone's dual-display smartphone is finally coming to the US, but not in the way you may expect. In an interview with PhoneScoop, the company's Matthew Kelly said that the e-ink display-toting device will be made available...

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Year of the Goat: 11 Chinese smartphone brands to watch (+)
Here's what Project Ara phones will actually look like (+)
Yes, you can replace the Apple Watch battery (through Apple) (+)
Google's Nexus 6 will finally reach Verizon on March 12th (+)
Gotham Air is the helicopter taxi you can order from your smartphone (+)
Would you prefer a thinner phone or better battery life? (+)
Design firm wants this round wooden phone to be your family heirloom (+)
How would you change Sony's Xperia Z Ultra? (+)
Microsoft bought 'Minecraft' after a single tweet by its creator (+)
California court says cops need warrants to get phone location data (+)
Twitter profiles on Android look much better now (+)
As Apple moves into fitness, rival wearables vanish from stores (+)
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