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Sony is shutting down PlayStation Home in Japan (-)
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Can you remember the last time you logged into PlayStation Home? Neither can anybody in Japan, apparently. According to a statement released on the Japanese website, the 3D social space will permanently close in March of next year. Sony didn't give a...

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Microsoft's FCC filing hints at a Chromecast rival called Miracast dongle (-)
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Microsoft might very well be gearing up to launch a Google Chromecast rival. While the tech giant hasn't announced anything official yet, one of its latest FCC filings details a device codenamed HD-10, which features WiFi, HDMI support and a USB...

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Apple offers battery replacements for some early iPhone 5 units (-)
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It's hardly uncommon for smartphone batteries to lose some of their oomph over time, but Apple just might be able to help if your iPhone 5's battery has been flakier than usual. The folks in Cupertino have figured out that some of the iPhone 5s sold...

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App security flaw makes your iPhone call without asking (+)
Leave your phone at home without feeling uneasy about it (+)
The Big Picture: How EA captured player faces for Madden NFL 15 (+)
Verizon's HD voice and video chat nearly ready to launch nationwide (+)
US House of Representatives faces Wikipedia ban thanks to trollish edits (+)
Microsoft's DeLorean is a cloud gaming system that knows what you'll do next (+)
Showtime Anytime brings live and on-demand streaming to Apple TV (+)
Apple's anticipated wearable reportedly won't ship until 2015 (+)
Apple blocks access to Secret in Brazil after anti-bullying ruling (+)
Intel's tiny 3G modem will put always-on data in your smartwatch (+)
Stephen Elop wants to put the 'entirety of the Microsoft experience' in your hands (+)
Apple's next iPhone event confirmed for September 9th (+)
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